The J.D. Pierson Mystery Series

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A trip to state prison puts Jenny on the trail for a stolen necklace and right into the path of a killer…

The lights are just about to go out for good in my father's PI office when I get an unexpected call from the state penitentiary. My mother's only brother was sent up for robbery years ago, and now he needs Dad's help to get his daughter out of trouble. It's impossible for me to be sure that the pendant around Cousin Betty's neck is stolen, but one thing's for sure—she doesn't want to talk about where it came from. When my cousin gets gunned down walking home and the necklace disappears, I realize I'm not only looking for a thief . . . I'm dealing with a murderer.

Can I track down the identity of a man named Jack in time, or will he disappear into the shadows, only to kill again?

The Killer Jack Mystery

A Texas Ranger—a virtual relic from the past–walks into a bar… but it isn't funny when he gets shot down on the street the moment he walks out…

Just like the doctors warned, Dad has made lots of promises about staying off the bottle. That doesn't stop me from being disappointed to find him at a local speakeasy one night when he's supposed to be working a case. The leathery, stout man at his table is unmistakable: Templeton Gorham, former Texas Ranger. The governor shut down the Rangers years ago, but before that, Templeton was virtually a legend in his profession. He and JD are laughing over drinks like old friends, but later, when the three of us walk out into the night, gunshots pierce the darkness. Templeton is left lying in a pool of blood, and I'm left with a brand-new case on my hands.

When the victim won't speak, can I find the answers to keep a killer from finishing the job he started?

When a top insurance agent dies in a boating accident, it's a tragedy, but when the books for that agent turn up short fifty-thousand dollars, doubt becomes the name of the game…

Cliff Wildmon was a friend and a colleague, so when we learn the news of his death, my dad and I both feel the pain. My heart goes out especially to our friend Blake Broadmore, who had a close relationship with his fellow Gilead Mutual employee. But when the company discovers Cliff's accounts are short a large amount of money, they want Blake to check it out. It's clear from the look on his face that he wants to turn this job away, but the company is having none of that. Instead, they allow him to hire a partner as he investigates his friend. Imagine my surprise when he asks me to come along.

When the nature of Cliff's accident comes into question, Blake and I find ourselves not only looking for a stolen pile of money but also hunting a ghost who will do almost anything not to be found.

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