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The Errant Heirs Caper
The J.D. Pierson Mystery Series Book 1
by C.H. Sessums
Genre: Cozy Mystery
At a dime a dozen, I’m going broke handing out excuses for my dad.
The name on the door says “JD Pierson, Investigator,” but most days the chair behind his desk is empty. It’s 1936 and times are hard for everyone in Tyler, Texas, but it’s all I can do to keep the rent paid since Dad lost his way in a bottle of gin.
When JD suddenly shows a moment of sober coherence, I whisk him off to his favorite fishing lake in the hopes I can keep him off the sauce. I wanted Dad back in the investigator game, but having an old friend turn up dead was not part of the plan.
But when a swarm of heirs swoops in we’re left wondering if his death really was an accident, or if murder is how one of them means to cash in.
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The Killer Jack Mystery
The J.D. Pierson Mystery Series Book 2
A trip to state prison puts Jenny on the trail for a stolen necklace and right into the path of a killer…
The lights are just about to go out for good in my father’s PI office when I get an unexpected call from the state penitentiary. My mother’s only brother was sent up for robbery years ago, and now he needs Dad’s help to get his daughter out of trouble. It’s impossible for me to be sure that the pendant around Cousin Betty’s neck is stolen, but one thing’s for sure—she doesn’t want to talk about where it came from. When my cousin gets gunned down walking home and the necklace disappears, I realize I’m not only looking for a thief . . . I’m dealing with a murderer.
Can I track down the identity of a man named Jack in time, or will he disappear into the shadows, only to kill again?
The Case of the Texas Ranger
The J.D. Pierson Mystery Series Book 3
A Texas Ranger—a virtual relic from the past–walks into a bar… but it isn’t funny when he gets shot down on the street the moment he walks out…
Just like the doctors warned, Dad has made lots of promises about staying off the bottle. That doesn’t stop me from being disappointed to find him at the local speakeasy one night. The leathery, stout man at his table looks vaguely familiar, and I’m only a little surprised to find out he’s Templeton Gorham, former Texas Ranger. The governor shut down the Rangers years ago, but before that, Templeton was virtually a legend in his profession. He and JD are laughing over drinks like old friends, but later, when the three of us walk out into the night, gunshots pierce the darkness. Templeton is left lying in a pool of blood, and I’m left with a brand-new case on my hands.
When the victim won’t speak, can I find the answers to keep a killer from finishing the job he started?
C.H. SESSUMS is a pen name for USA Today Bestselling Author Olivia Hardin. While Olivia writes all manner of romance, C.H. scribbles out cozy mysteries set in her beloved state of Texas. Whether exploring urban legends from all over the lone star state or solving capers set in far off times, mystery meets history in all of her stories.
In real life, C.H. lives in gorgeous East Texas with her hubby and their two rescue dogs. Every weekend all four of them pile up into their bunkhouse to watch classic movies and listen to old-time radio.
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Sessums Snippets: People’s Petroleum Building

When Jenny Dee Pierson’s heels clack against the terrazzo halls to the office she shares with her father, she’s walking through what was once called The Peoples National Bank Building.

The summer of 1929 saw industry and manufacturing cutting back on production, signaling the coming economic collapse. Workers were laid off or lost their jobs. The unemployed didn’t purchase as much, and so production declined further. A vicious cycle ensued. Thousands of banks began to fail between 1929 and 1933, but even before that, they’d begun overextending credit on speculation. The hard times got harder.

Still, with deprivation of 35% unemployment nationwide, rampant hunger and want, some of East Texas managed to stave off the coming disaster, at least for a while. Black gold in the East Texas oilfields was the reason. The Peoples National Bank Building became a center of that oil-rich prosperity.

In 1932 local Tyler attorney Samuel A. Lindsey commissioned and assisted in financing the construction of a fabulous art-deco style building. At the time of its construction, it was one of the tallest skyscrapers west of the Mississippi River. Opening its doors in November 1932, it was fully leased by 1933. And in 1934 oil magnate H.L Hunt located the offices of Hunt Oil Company in one suite of the building. Through the Depression and on until the 1950s, the building remained a prime location for offices in downtown Tyler.

Eventually, time took its toll on the building. Construction moved away from the downtown area and vacancies ran high. By the year 2000, the building was considered to be mostly unoccupied. And then three Tyler businessmen began what this humble writer believes to be a remarkable transformation. Tim and Garnett Brookshire,along with Andy Bergfeld, acquired the building, naming it the People’s Petroleum Building. They undertook an extensive renovation project to bring this spectacular Tyler landmark back to its former glory, going to extremes to maintain the historical ambiance of the stately structure.

You can see more about the building in the video below:

Since then the Brookshires and Bergfeld have undertaken a similar renovation of the more modern Plaza Tower building adjacent to the People’s Petroleum Building. With their work in renovating these two buildings and their exceptional management skills, they have drawn people back to downtown Tyler. Tenants of the two buildings (myself included) marvel constantly at their gracious administration and their innovative eye for bringing industries together. If you’re anywhere near Tyler, Texas, take the time to come downtown. Walk the square and enjoy a few quiet moments on one of the park benches. Come into the People’s Petroleum Building and enjoy a meal at Jack Ryan’s Steak and Chophouse. Or head over to the Plaza Tower for some coffee at Café 1948. And if it happens to be a Thursday, you can delight in “Tunes on the Square” while grabbing a quick bite from one of the food trucks that come by for lunch.

Downtown Tyler is an amazing mix of history and modernity, married in a way that I’m sure you’ll enjoy experiencing.

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The J.D. Pierson Mystery Series
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