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History Streaming with Mystery

In about 2010 the hubby and I began the sometimes fun, sometimes exhausting, oftentimes ill-planned, converting of our old storage building into what we now affectionately call “The Bunkhouse.”  It took quite a while to get it fixed up right, but when we did we discovered how much we LOVED being in there.

That began our almost weekly forays into “stay-cationing.”  We would take the pup(s) (then it was just the little corgi, but now we have a second bigger dog) and would spend the night in The Bunkhouse over the weekends.  We would tune out most of the world, light up our Amazon Firestick to stream movies and series.  A lot of those were mysteries and I thought I’d share a few of my absolute favorites with you.

Foyles War

We caught a few episodes of this even before the Bunkhouse, watching it on PBS.  Then when we began streaming I discovered they were ALL available on the Acorn Channel, so we went back to the beginning and watched them from the start.  These are fascinating because they take place in war-time England so you get a fascinating mix of the history of that time combined with the mystery.  And the relationship between the main character Foyle and his driver/assistant Samantha Stewart is so much fun.  Their tenuous relationship grows through the seasons until he becomes almost like a father to her.  I highly recommend checking it out. 

Midsomer Murders

The great thing about Midsomer Murders is that it’s a long-running series that you can stream for free (with commercials) from IBDb.  Barnaby is a Detective Chief Inspector in the cozy county of Midsomer where they seem to always have some interesting murder investigation. These are fun episodes with lots of little quirky twists and turns along with a cast of suspects.  Grab the popcorn and start binging this one today.

Under Military Law

If you’re interested in something really different, check out this Russian mini-series.  Set during WWII, this one is part war movie and part mystery, with undertones of intrique and romance throughout. You won’t know who the good guys and the bad guys are until the very end.  Yes, this one is actually in Russian with English subtitles, but highly entertaining.  There’s only one season available now, but a second has been produced and I’m just sitting on pins and needles waiting for it to become available on Amazon.


This is a brand-new favorite the hubby and I found just a month or so ago. It only has one season (so far) but it recently got picked up by PureFlix for the second season. The coolest thing? It was produced in connection with the church my husband and his sons attended when they were young. There is a strong Christian theme to these episodes, but the mystery is there too and it takes place in Texas! What more could you ask for?

So, when you’re not reading, what mysteries have you been binging lately?  Comment below and share your favorites.

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