Talk isn’t cheap…

Writing historical fiction is a lot of fun, especially because I get to dig into some interesting stuff.  In the upcoming, The Missing Daughter Mystery, Jenny and her dad travel up north and there’s need to make a long-distance call to Texas… but how did that happen?

Now I’m old enough to remember long-distance calls and how expensive they could be.  I even had a little card with numbers I could use to get special rates on calls when we were out of town… but how did folks make long-distance calls early in the early, early days?

These calls were all made by transferring through lots of different operators.  Usually, the first transfer would be to the “rate-and-route” operator who would determine the best route for the call to be directed through.  It’s a complicated process and could take a lot of time.  For an idea of how it works. click below and listen to a fantastic Dragnet episode when Joe Friday has to make a long-distance call on a case.  It’s super interesting!

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