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A super sale and a new release!

The door says “J.D. Pierson, Investigator,” but since her Dad lost his way in a bottle of gin, the chair at his desk is empty. If Jenny’s going to keep the doors open, she’ll have to have to kick off her heels and step into the shoes of the greatest investigator in all of Texas.

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“Sessums’ work here is gripping. The storyline riddled with feel-good moments as well as moments of foreboding. Not all is as it seems and the pages just keep turning until you’ve found out all there is to know. This is a first-rate series and I am looking forward to the next adventure!” ~~ Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★

About the Author:

C.H. SESSUMS is a pen name for USA Today Bestselling Author Olivia Hardin. While Olivia writes all manner of romance, C.H. scribbles out cozy mysteries set in her beloved state of Texas. Whether exploring urban legends from all over the lone star state or solving capers set in far-off times, mystery meets history in all of her stories.

In real life, C.H. lives in gorgeous East Texas with her hubby and their two rescue dogs. Every weekend all four of them pile up into their bunkhouse to watch classic movies and listen to old-time radio.

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Talk isn’t cheap…

Writing historical fiction is a lot of fun, especially because I get to dig into some interesting stuff.  In the upcoming, The Missing Daughter Mystery, Jenny and her dad travel up north and there’s need to make a long-distance call to Texas… but how did that happen?

Now I’m old enough to remember long-distance calls and how expensive they could be.  I even had a little card with numbers I could use to get special rates on calls when we were out of town… but how did folks make long-distance calls early in the early, early days?

These calls were all made by transferring through lots of different operators.  Usually, the first transfer would be to the “rate-and-route” operator who would determine the best route for the call to be directed through.  It’s a complicated process and could take a lot of time.  For an idea of how it works. click below and listen to a fantastic Dragnet episode when Joe Friday has to make a long-distance call on a case.  It’s super interesting!

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Sessums’ History Snippet: The oldest little airport in Texas

Back when the hubby still owned his classic Cessna 172, we loved to take short trips to airports and airstrips in the neighborhood of wherever we were living.  Lots of times these were connected with grabbing a bite to eat or as pilots say, “Grabbing a $100 hamburger.” 

We no longer have our airplane, but I still have fond memories of some of the fun places we visited.  One of my favorites was Wisener Field here in Mineola, Texas.  Now let me just say, I adore EVERYTHING about Mineola.  It’s one of my favorite historic downtowns and we drive over often to watch a movie at the “oldest continually operating movie theater” there too.  

Wisener Field got its start in 1917 when a U.S Army Signal Corps pilot flying a biplane, searched for and found a suitable landing spot in a former orchard in Mineola.  Known as Massangale’s meadow, a very young boy watched that touchdown and became enthralled with airplanes and flying.  

Young Henry Wisener eventually became a pilot in WWI and then developed an aviation business on what is now called Wisener Field.  

I make mention of the Wisener airport in my upcoming release, The Missing Daughter Mystery which you can get on preorder HERE.

Want to know more about it?  Click below to watch fun video with a tour of the airstrip. My husband and I have spent much time with the lovely and effervescent Lupita Wisener featured in this clip.

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