A different kind of Christmas – Lufkin, Texas

So Christmas came late for me and my mom, sister, nieces and nephews.   But despite COVID and other life issues, we all managed to gather for a full day of fun this past weekend in Lufkin, Texas.  If you've never been there is so much to do!  Check out the Lufkin Convention & Visitor's Bureau for all the fun you can have in this cute town.

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We met first for lunch and gift exchanging (in the pics above you'll see a fantastically cute gift my sis made for me... perfect for a writer!)  After that, we headed to the Ellen Trout Zoo where we saw lions... no tigers or bears, but a rhino, lots of peacocks and two gorgeous bald eagles.

Our final stop was the Naranjo Museum of Natural History.I was almost afraid we would have to abandon the hubby there because he was a kid in a candy store exploring his educational roots (he majored in anthropology, paleontology and zoology!) The museum was really well done because they provided both advanced information as well as more basic text for children and those without a Phd.

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Then on Sunday, we had a huge surprise that was the icing on the cake for my "final" Christmas weekend of this holiday season... we had snow!  Now, this might not seem a huge deal to some, but I grew up in a part of Texas that rarely had snow and even when we moved here to East Texas, that sort of weather has been rare.  It was a lovely event that was perfect for a lazy Sunday where we could all just veg out in front of the fireplace, then venture out in short bursts to enjoy the beautiful white landscape.

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