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Howdy! The Case of the Texas Ranger is still getting its final round of edits, but here is an “unedited” teaser for you. Enjoy then be sure to preorder your copy do you get it as soon as it releases in a few weeks.

The house was mostly dark, though there was a light in a small building off to the left of the main house.  J.D. turned to me, “You’ll find Temp’s man, Alonzo, living in that little house there.  He can help us get Temp up to bed.”

“Judas Priest, J.D.,” he growled as he got out of the car on his own, “I’m not on death’s door,” yet as he tried to make his way up the stairs to the front door of his home he stumbled and Dad had to lend him his shoulder.

I rushed towards the smaller house to find the person called Alonzo, but before I could get there I saw a dark man hurrying into his overshirt as he leaped off the little porch towards us, “The ranger done got hisself drunk again?”

I shook my head as I fell into step with him, “No he’s gotten himself shot.”

“Well, that done woulda been my next guess.”

“Does he get shot often?”

“Often ‘nough, Miss…”

“Oh, my name is Pierson.  I presume you’re Mr. Alonzo?”

“Yes’m.  Just Alonzo.”

“And I’m Jenny.”

“Nice to meet you, Miss Jenny.”

I tipped my head in greeting and he offered me a crooked smile.  I noticed he walked stiffly as if he had at some point suffered a back injury.  Still, when he got to his employer, he tucked his arm under Gorham’s and took his weight, grunting as he helped him into the house.

My dad dropped back, letting the two of them go ahead and up the stairs.  We stood side-by-side, our faced tipped up to watch.  They disappeared into a room at the head of the stairs, while we continued to stare at the open door where they’d gone.

I winked one eye closed when I heard a series of growled expletives, then smiled when I felt Dolly come to stand beside me, her body leaning into my leg.

“Jenny, why are you and Dolly here?” Dad asked, suddenly sounding concerned.

“You checked out of your hotel,” I noted.

He grunted and nodded, then turned and went towards an anteroom to the left of the staircase, “I wanted to see Temp… I needed to see him.  And when he invited me to stay here. Seemed the thing to do.”

After a few seconds I followed after him, not much surprised when I saw him pouring himself a drink.  He swallowed it down quickly while I glared at him down my nose.

“I’m drinking again.”

It was a stupid thing to say, as if it were some revelation that surprised him more than me.  I wrinkled my nose, sniffed, then took a seat, back ramrod stiff, “I can see that.”

Dolly moved to the center of the room, her dark eyes studying Dad intently for several moments before flicking in my direction to stare me down.  I had the impression she was concerned, torn between the two of us.  As if she sensed our dual unrest and wanted to make it better, but couldn’t.  I leaned down and rubbed my fingers together, coaxing her back to my side.  She peered over at him again, then lifted her fluffy backside off the floor and trotted to me. 

I scooped her up into my lap, both of us glancing over when we heard the clink of glass and saw Dad pouring himself another. “You know, when I came here I thought maybe I’d kill him myself.”

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