This story ran amok… with a surprise visitor!

Although I plot my cozies, sometimes the unexpected happens.  So imagine my surprise when a little corgi made her way into the upcoming JD Pierson mystery! The Case of the Texas Ranger is coming this summer, but here’s a quick snippet for you to enjoy:

The last thing I expected to find when I arrived at the little Sears Roebuck model home that was my father’s was a puppy.  But that’s just what was waiting for me, the little mutt seeking refuge from the rain out on our front porch.

The furball was huddled into up tight against the door frame and cowered a little when I approached.  Bending over, I put my hand out to let the poor thing sniff me, then scratched her ear when she leaned closer.

“Where did you come from?” I asked, picking the creature up and carefully looking for injuries but finding none.  “You’re a sweet girl, aren’t you?” I said, though noted she was dirty and a little smelly.  But considering I myself was pretty much the same, I decided cradling her against my dress wasn’t such a big deal.

“Are you hungry?” I asked, then unlocked the door and stepped inside.  I kicked off my dirty shoes and hooked my hat onto the rack, then padded towards the kitchen to look for something to feed my little visitor.

After I dried her off with a towel, I placed her on the floor, then pulled out some cold cuts for her to enjoy.  It took her all of thirty seconds to finish those off, then she slurped at a saucer of milk with equal gusto.  The pooches’ legs were short, almost squatty, and she had enormous ears that stuck straight out from her head.  Her coat was black, white, and brown, or at least I thought it was under the layer of mud still coating her.

“I think you need a bath next,” I told her, standing up from the kitchen table. One glance down at myself reminded me that I needed one too.  I reached for the pup, tucking her comfortably under one arm and started for the bathroom.

“Gee whiz!” I exclaimed when the front door opened unexpectedly, my father bursting inside.  I’d been so intent on my little four-legged visitor that I hadn’t noticed the cab pulling up to the house.

He stomped his muddy feet on the floor mat, before fixing me with a wide grin and exclaiming, “H’lo there, Jenny Dee!” then he dropped his bag as he stripped out of his wet overcoat and tossed his hat onto the rack.  I stood there in silence, hugging the pup to me, unsure what to say. I suddenly felt vulnerable, horrors of my day steamrolling into me and threatening to knock me to the floor.  My father looked at me again, then his smile fell off his face and he rushed forward, panic in his expression, “Is that blood on your dress?  Are you injured?”

I was absolutely horrified when a little sob threatened to make its way up my throat.  Blinking against the tears I pushed past him towards the bathroom, “I need to get this little pup cleaned up,” I said in a rush, dashing out of his line of sight.

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